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Exchange Data International Provides Dividend Data Through Findataportal™

Following its launch last year, FDP has added EDI worldwide dividend data to its solution offering.

New York, September 15th, 2009 – FindataportalTM (FDP) today announced that Exchange Data International (EDI), a well established provider of Corporate Actions and Reference Data publishes its Worldwide Dividend data on FDP’s financial data portal.

By publishing EDI’s Worldwide Dividend data, FDP provides its users with in-depth coverage of cash and stock dividends across more than 110 countries. Findataportal is a very intuitive web-interface giving firms total freedom and control of their data usage.

Clients of this service can search for dividend announcements for a specific security or at a global or portfolio level. Additionally they can create a dividend calendar on Ex, Record and Pay dates for a 5 day period based on their holdings or globally.

“Findataportal is a great opportunity for data providers to reach a new type of customers with occasional data needs”, said Jonathan Bloch, C.E.O and founder of Exchange Data International. “We are delighted to distribute our dividend data through this on-demand portal and are currently working on expanding our offering with Shares Outstanding data.” Standard & Poor’s was the first data provider to publish two of its data sets, North American Dividend Record & Unit Investment Trusts, on Findataportal.

By adding EDI’s worldwide dividend offering, FDP offers subscribers the opportunity to access comprehensive global corporate actions data via a single source. Findataportal is a new way for firms to “consume” financial data; it offers flexible access to original vendor content sets. Users of this portal can easily research a specific security, monitor their portfolios or cross-check data from multiple sources. In the near future, FDP expects to add data offerings from several other data providers and offer users extensive coverage of high quality financial data at a lower cost.