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Exchange Data International teams up with InfoEx

Exchange Data International & InfoExchange team up to offer comprehensive bond reference and corporate actions data.

London, November 12th, 2008, Exchange Data International (EDI), a well established provider of Reference and Corporate Actions data, announces its partnership with InfoExchange, Inc (InfoEx), a financial technology company providing its end users, primarily buy-side institutions, with customized, targeted and timely information based on their trading activity.

Nowadays, people are overwhelmed by too much information. InfoEx has developed a new way to communicate with the different actors of our industry based on their specific trading activity. EDI liked the fact that InfoEx only feeds users with relevant information when needed. Being committed to setting new standards in securities data provision, we could not miss this great partnership opportunity,” said Jonathan Bloch, founder and CEO of Exchange Data International.

EDI will provide InfoEx with comprehensive information from its Securities Reference Database as well as daily updates from its corporate actions and fixed income products, enabling InfoEx end users to easily access high quality, accurate data. InfoEx will match EDI-provided content with appropriate consumers. With InfoEx, users don’t have to search for the information they need, the information finds them through its proprietary information-matching engine based on relevance.

We are excited to partner with EDI to bring corporate action data to the marketplace – nobody else is connecting this market intelligence to trade flow in real-time. We are committed to providing our user community with access to high quality, comprehensive content relevant to their distinct business needs. Our partnership with EDI greatly enhances the depth and breadth of the content available over InfoEx,” added Chris Stangel, COO of InfoEx.