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The PRS Group is the world’s leading quant-driven geopolitical and country risk forecasting and rating firm, with a clientele that includes the world’s largest institutional investors, transnational companies, central banks, and leading academic and research institutions.

PRS’ data series have been independently backtested since the early 1990s for accuracy and relevance and have been cited in the top academic and trade journals for their insights into the behaviour of asset classes and economic and political phenomena. PRS’ data and risk-driven investment portfolios have produced returns of over 20% with less risk and volatility.

With over 40 years of corporate history, PRS’ data series contained over 2 million individually vetted data points with over 100,000 added annually – a sound foundation for portfolio management, corporate planning, and valuation, and academic and applied research.

PRS has been profiled in Barron’s, the WSJ, The Economist, Bloomberg, and has appeared on CNBC.

Country: United States

Sector: Asset Management, FinTech, Risk Service Provider

Sub-sector: Financial and Economic Services

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