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S&P upgrades Securities DataManager with EDI Fixed Income Data

Standard & Poor’s releases enhanced version of Securities DataManager with EDI Fixed Income Data.

15 April 2009 – Standard & Poor’s, a leading provider of financial market intelligence and analysis, announced today a substantial enhancement of its Standard & Poor’s Securities DataManager product, providing users with global terms and conditions data on more than 200,000 non-US fixed income securities.

Securities DataManager serves as an integrated fixed income data source that includes more than 2 million US Municipal and US Corporate securities. The service replaces manual entry with an automated process and delivers extensive descriptive data. Securities DataManager provides updated securities’ data within 15 minutes of release to address the industry’s need for timely reporting of fixed income securities.

Standard & Poor’s has worked closely with Exchange Data International in developing the non-US data offering. EDI is a premier provider of back office securities data and administrative data, specializing in the aggregation of Reference and Corporate Actions data, covering more than 200,000 issues from more than 90 countries. This effort leverages Standard & Poor’s in-depth knowledge of fixed income securities and EDI’s superior global data collection skills, resulting in a comprehensive and dynamic offering.

“The need for comprehensive and high quality terms and conditions content has become increasingly important throughout the industry as institutions seek to have an in-depth understanding of the reference data populating security master files that ultimately support analysis and risk management,” said Theresa Werner, Director, Product Management, Securities Evaluations. “Standard & Poor’s is committed to expanding the availability of our industry-leading suite of financial services solutions. Our continued collaboration with market participants has driven the creation of services that allow for more transparency for the financial markets by delivering a variety of data to investment and financial research professionals.”

“EDI is extremely pleased to work with Standard & Poor’s to offer access to our comprehensive data set covering fixed income announcements. EDI provides a rich focused data set that will enable better insight and analysis of the fixed income market,” said Kevin Brady, Executive Director, Exchange Data International.