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EDI brings you market data from around the world.

The data you need, in formats you can use.

EDI’s coverage spans the globe; it includes corporate actions, pricing, reference data – and significantly more. We bring a world of data to your door.


Data you need. Terms that help you succeed.

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Quality Data

99.99% accurate. Four-time “Best Corporate Actions” winner, Data Management Insight Awards.
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Committed Service

Internationally recognized ISO 9001 certification for outstanding commitment to quality customer service.
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Flexible Licensing

Say goodbye to unworkable controls on market data. You bought it; you own it. And you get to use it as you need.

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Certified Secure

Internationally recognized
ISO 27001 certification for
secure management of information assets.

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What coverage will you need?

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At EDI, agreements are specific to each client.

Get in touch with the form at right to start a conversation about how our data can help you. We’ll build a custom service package from there.

    A world of market coverage.

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    Corporate Actions

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    Reference Data

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    Pricing Data

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    Economic Data

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    Funds Data