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Woodseer’s Dividend Forecast Data Launches on the Open:FactSet MarketPlace

UK financial technology company Woodseer expands its reach, offering a customised global package of data covering over 8,500 companies across 60+ countries as the first British provider on the new Open:FactSet Marketplace.

London, UK, 18 July 2018Woodseer, provider of the world’s most comprehensive global dividend forecast dataset, is the latest company to be selected by FactSet (NYSE:FDS) (NASDAQ:FDS) to launch on their new Open:FactSet Marketplace. It will offer its dividend forecast data, which is used by asset managers and other financial service companies to increase the value of activities including stock selection, income planning, option pricing and dividend capture. Woodseer’s dataset provides a global package of 8,500 securities that includes uniquely strong coverage in the Asia-Pacific region: over 1,000 Japan and 1,000 Korea securities are included alongside the full Russell 3000 and over 1,000 UK and other EU securities. This breadth of coverage is made possible through Woodseer’s disruptive tech-enabled ‘algorithm+analyst’ approach, which provides accurate forecasts of the payment amount, date and dividend type for publicly-traded corporations across the world.

The company’s proprietary algorithm applies itself to the global corporate actions data provided by Woodseer’s London-based long-term partner Exchange Data International (EDI). Launched in early 2018, the Open:FactSet Marketplace is a platform for premier financial data, applications, and workflow solutions for investment professionals.  FactSet, one of the world’s leading providers of integrated financial information, developed the Marketplace to offer datasets that can be easily connected with proprietary investment models, algorithms, and systems.

Third-party data providers are carefully selected by FactSet for data quality and integrity. Ed Dean, CEO of Woodseer said: “We are thrilled to be the first UK company to be selected by FactSet. The company’s focus on consistent data integration and providing a single point of access for multiple data assets makes the Open:FactSet proposition very strong. This is a real win-all: for us, for FactSet and most importantly for the end-user.

We are excited by the reaction we’ve already received from clients who are hungry for accurate dividend forecast data.” “We are excited to expand the Open:FactSet Marketplace with Woodseer’s global dividend forecast data,” said Rich Newman, SVP of Content & Technology Solutions at FactSet. “The industry is increasingly looking for new and integrated datasets that offer multiple viewpoints on the firms in which they invest. Dividend data is in high demand and the addition of Woodseer enhances the value both of our firms deliver to the market.”

About Woodseer   Woodseer is a technology business with teams in London and Vancouver and has been forecasting dividend data since 2011. Learn more at open.factset.com/catalog/products/woodseer-dividend-forecasting/

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