Corporate Actions Alert Files

EDI’s Corporate Actions Alert Files offers customizable notifications up to 30 days before critical dates for corporate actions.

This service comes in response to the increasingly challenging task of keeping up with all the activities undertaken by the corporate community due to the increasing volume covering public companies worldwide. The customizable alerts aid investors in timely trading and investment decision-making. 

The Alert Files service covers ex-dates, effective, and payment dates for merges, stock splits, and dividends. Alerts are tailored to fit your specific needs. Users have the flexibility of choosing specific dates, recurring dates, primary dates, etc. Additionally, clients can receive an unlimited number of reminders before the events become effective.

Our Corporate Actions Alert Files Service is open to all investors and compatible with any data provider. It is not required for clients to be using EDI Data to access the Alert Files Service. The customizable alerts can complement existing data!

Key features

Advanced scheduling:  select specific dates to receive alerts for corporate action events. This way you will never miss taking action on a critical date

Customizable alerts: tailor alerts from 30 days to as little as one day before an event, ensuring they meet your specific needs

Comprehensive coverage: stay updated with alerts on payment dates, record dates, effective dates, and ex-dates. 


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