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EDI’s Quarter 3 Newsletter

It is hard to believe that we are already in Q4! The last few months have been busy across the business, our partnerships and products are growing to deliver high quality and accurate financial data. See below what has happened in quarter 3 and find out below what events we’ll be attending in the last quarter.

Vela Partnership

We announced our partnership with Vela in September, this will involve the distribution of EDI’s high quality and comprehensive worldwide corporate actions, security reference data, and global end-of-day pricing through Vela.
“With this partnership, EDI grows closer to those providing real-time data feeds. Their clients have a real need for reference & corporate actions data which we hope to fulfil,” noted Jonathan Bloch, CEO of Exchange Data International.
Read our press release to learn more.

New Cost Basis Solution

Our Worldwide Equity Cost Basis has been designed to track the evolution of security.
Many events can cause changes to the original holding, for example, de-mergers and/or distributions will cause your original security to be diversified into many other holdings, with the WECB service it can help track these changes, helping you make your capital gains calculations.

Point in Time Security Reference File

In July, our Security Reference Data had a new addition to the file feed, Point In Time (PIT). This enables clients to track, at a listing level, changes to security coding and other key security reference data-points at any Point In Time.
For more information, please contact our sales team.

New Website and Brand Identity

The website boasts a sleek, intuitive design and consistent site-wide navigation system with improved menu functionality that directs you to the information and product most relevant to you.

Bespoke Data Offerings

Join several companies that have started using our outsourcing service. We employ an array of techniques and expertise to meet your data capture requirements flawlessly.

Best Securities Reference Data Provider

It was an honour to be awarded the Best Securities Reference Data Provider by Goodacre UK Systems in the City FinTech Awards.
Learn more about our Securities Reference Data service and request your free trial today!

Open Ended Investment Funds

We have made an update to our products and services range, US Mutual Funds and UK Unit Trusts are now shown under the category Open Ended Investment Funds.

25th Anniversary

In September, we celebrated with colleagues, clients and close friends at our 25th Anniversary party at Kenza in London.