Bond Closing Prices

The closing price is considered the most up-to-date, standardized valuation of a security until trading commences again on the next trading day. This data is used for portfolio valuation, index calculation, technical analysis and benchmarking throughout the financial industry.

With EDI’s Worldwide End of Day Pricing service, banks, brokers and trading houses can obtain bond closing pricing data from 106 exchanges worldwide all through a single source. Data fields include local code or ticker symbol, ISIN, currency, price date, open, high, low, close, bid, ask and traded volume, and for the London Stock Exchange, the Mid Price.

The closing price feed comprises a set of daily exchange price files for EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa), Asia/Pacific and the Americas. Since large volumes of closing price data are produced around the clock, EDI processes and provides each market’s closing price file as soon as it becomes available. In addition, data from a rolling 10-day period is available to users at any given time through a browser web page.

With the Worldwide End of Day Pricing service, financial firms have quick access to accurate closing pricing data, enabling them to mark-to-market their positions and settle transactions on a timely basis. In addition, they have the flexibility to cost-effectively feed this information into their websites and third-party solutions.

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