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Save time spent retrieving bond prospectuses and offering circulars

With the Fixed Income Documenter, you can gain access to our huge library of terms and conditions documentation quickly, via a simple web-based application.

Over 700,000 fixed income offering documents at your fingertips

Access to a database containing:

  • Offering circulars
  • Bond prospectuses
  • Pricing supplements
  • Term sheets

Historical documents and new issues are continually added.

Easily search and retrieve fixed income offering documentation

Locate critical issuance documents using ISIN, US Code, SEDOL™* or Symbol. Filter searches using a combination of country of incorporation, exchange, currency, bond type and issue or maturity date via specific date or date range.

Use the portfolio checker to quickly determine documents that are available for your universe. The user can also submit an individual document request and our research team will endeavour to source.

*Registered Trademark of London Stock Exchange

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