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Exchange Data International Expands Evaluated Bond Pricing Service to Worldwide Coverage

Exchange Data International (EDI), the London-based disruptive financial data provider of securities reference data, corporate actions data and listed closing price data has expanded its Worldwide Evaluated Bond Pricing coverage to include 2.5 million global fixed income securities. This expansion allows EDI to provide clients with a daily source of independent prices for valuations, portfolio analytics, best execution reporting, and risk management calculations. As with many EDI products, there are fewer restrictions on data redistribution and competitive pricing. Clients will not be required to expunge the data should they decide to cancel, breaking with traditional data providers who often place egregious restrictions on use, redistribution and expungement of data upon termination.

EDI’s CEO Jonathan Bloch said, “Initially, our Evaluated Pricing Services covered Canadian Fixed Income Securities, but we have seen demand for worldwide evaluated pricing data coverage. EDI can now provide prices on a wide range of fixed income securities including: Corporate Bonds, Municipal Bonds, Syndicated Bank Loans, Agency MBS, Non-Agency CMO, CMBS, ABS, CDO and CLO. Over the past several years, the securitisation market has evolved and grown more complex. As a result, the need for reliable pricing data has also increased. EDI is now able to deliver analysts and investors more robust coverage. We are delighted to be able to offer our clients increased coverage over a wider variety of markets and financial instruments. Thus far, we have had a positive response from the market and several clients are now signed on for this coverage.”

Features include:

  • Evaluated pricing coverage on government, sovereign, municipal and corporate issuers; updated daily based on issuance and maturity


  • Evaluated prices on structured bonds, including Agency MBS, non-agency CMO, ABS, CMBS, CDO and CLO


  •  Evaluated prices on 3000 syndicated bank loans


  • Related market data including global yield curves, credit spreads and volatility surfaces


  • Free coverage checks on any portfolio holdings in these categories


  • A high-level summary of the methodology used to calculate security prices. Valuations are calculated daily at the close of major markets. For more liquid bonds, intraday valuations may be available


  • Delivered on a same-day or next-day basis

More about the Evaluated Pricing Services at EDI here

EDI products, services and complimentary trials can be found at www.exchange-data.com


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