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EDI Introduces New Electronic Securities Feed

Exchange Data International Limited introduces new electronic securities feed on 300,000 securities data.

London, February 1st, 1999, Exchange Data International (EDI) specialises in providing back office solutions and securities data to major investment houses, custodians and data vendors worldwide. The company offers a wide range of electronic feeds designed to meet the increasing demands from clients for data which they can manipulate themselves.

Many of the world’s leading banks and brokerage houses take data from EDI in the form of tailored feeds or as a desktop enquiry product.

EDI’s latest and most popular UK feed is the Securities Masterfile (SMF) which identifies securities via Sedol™, ISIN or TIDM and also contains other static data fields such as Issuer name, Security description, Country of Incorporation, etc.

The SMF service provides up-to-date information on over 300,000 securities including all securities currently traded on the London Stock Exchange’s domestic and international markets. The service covers listed and non-listed securities; local authority mortgage bonds; traded options; authorised unit trusts and many other types of securities. The feed covers over 40 fields, for example Country of Register; CFI Code; Security Class; or Industrial Classification.

The SMF has grown into a comprehensive global database, which enables EDI to identify the majority of listed securities along with the associated standing data, for example, Sedol™, ISIN and Issuer Name. EDI can provide a tailored feed based on any combination of the data fields contained in the SMF feed. This data can be supplied on a daily basis with history, via FTP client or via modem link to a bulletin board server. The company also provides closing prices for over 3,000 UK listed companies.
Note:SEDOL is a registered trademark of London Stock Exchange plc.