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EDI Launches A New Adjusted Pricing Service

EDI announces its new adjusted pricing service to further enhance the already existing closing prices feed.

London, September 20th, 2012 – London-based financial provider, Exchange Data International (EDI), today announced the launch of its new adjusted price feed service to complement its existing end-of-day pricing offering.

EDI has been providing closing prices and adjustment factors for securities around the globe since 2007 and has recently developed a new feed of adjusted pricing data providing clients with ready to upload data.

Stock closing prices are adjusted to reflect the impact any distributions or corporate actions that have occurred since the last trading day had on the security price. Adjusted closing prices are very useful for anyone wishing to analyse historical returns or compare stock performance as they enable direct comparison of the data during the entire life of a security.

The new adjusted price file provides back adjusted historical prices – open, high, low and close prices – for any securities for which an adjustment factor was published on the day.

Jonathan Bloch, C.E.O said: “The adjusted pricing file has been developed in response to our clients’ request for adjusted data that could be directly fed into their software or in-house database. Since we were already providing end-of-day prices and adjustment factors it made sense to use both datasets and provide our clients with exactly what they need.”

By receiving the adjusted prices through EDI’s data feed, clients no longer need to manipulate the data and apply the appropriate adjustment factor to all the affected historical pricing data.

Following clients’ comments, EDI only adjusts prices where the corporate action is significant enough to have an obvious impact on the stock price. Therefore all adjustments whose factors are between 0.95 and 1.05 are not applied which means that most dividends are ignored.
The Adjusted pricing file is delivered at the end of each trading day via an FTP connection and follows the same structure as EDI’s end-of-day price file enabling easy mapping and identification of the adjusted securities.