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EDI Quarter 2 Newsletter

The third quarter of 2019 is upon us. At Exchange Data International (EDI), we have been working hard to keep our promises of delivering high quality and accurate financial data. It’s our 25th year of business and we are very excited to share with you what has happened in the past three months and what’s coming for the next quarter.

Reference Data Market Set for Major Shake-Up

At the end of April 2019, we remarked our commitment towards our clients and to the global financial community.
EDI is the only sizeable data vendor which believes that clients should own what they pay for. The concept of ‘renew or lose what you’ve paid for’ has always appeared to EDI to be manifestly unfair, anti-competitive, and very probably built on less-than-solid contractual foundations. EDI is the only leading data provider which does not rent data; on termination, EDI’s clients may retain the data they paid for.
Jonathan Bloch, founder and CEO of EDI, said: “We feel that the relationship between the provider and the consumer of reference data is heavily biased in favour of the provider. The onerous termination clauses are an effective barrier to entry for new potential data providers and may even be anti-competitive under EU law and local/national laws. This is damaging to data users, who are locked into an expensive and inflexible relationship with the ‘big four’ data vendors; it also makes it difficult for would-be entrants to the industry. There are now very few independent data providers left, and redistributors are increasingly vulnerable. It is a monolithic legacy business in need of a good shake-up, and EDI is doing the shaking.”

Real Time and Historical FX Feeds 

In May 2019, we launched the Real Time and Historical FX Feeds service in partnership with TraderMade Systems.
Covering 40+ spot currencies plus gold and silver against major currencies the data feed is sourced from Tier-One banks & Institutions.
Through this collaboration, EDI offers Bid/Ask & Mid prices. Rates are comparable to the EBS reference rate feed for a fraction of the cost of other providers.
Jonathan Bloch, Chief Executive Officer of EDI says: “We are getting increased demand from our clients for real time and delayed data. Through our partnership with TraderMade we will be able to cover real time and delayed FX. This feed is of the same quality as some of the more expensive offerings on the market and gives our clients another and better option.”
Interested in Real Time and Historical FX Feed Data? Request your free trial now

Advisory Panel

EDI is expanding rapidly the number of its datasets and it is enlisting the help of industry specialists. This panel includes three industry experts that will assist EDI in developing its strategies for both acquisition and organic growth. The three members are: Bob Magri, Peter Sluka and Steven Goldstein.
We would like to welcome our three appointees to our advisory panel and look forward to working with them in the future.

Fixed Income Seminar

The 10th of June 2019, we hosted our first Fixed Income Seminar in New York.
The fixed income presentations overall were a diverse and enlightening overview of different aspects of the credit markets. From reviewing companies’ creditworthiness; to the use of analytics in the bond markets; to how to invest in the fixed income markets; and an overview of the value of indices in the credit markets the presenters provided a detailed summary of how sophisticated investors outline and weigh the investment opportunities in complex credit markets.