Cross Trade Selects EDI as the Exclusive Provider of Financial Data for its Weekend Trading Platform

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Exchange Data International, a global leader in financial and economic data, is proud to be the exclusive data partner for Cross Trade.

Empowering investors with continuous trading opportunities, the Cross Trade platform allows trading between investors beyond traditional market hours, the weekends and holidays.

To realize this vision, Cross Trade will establish an online community where individual investors can directly buy and sell stocks, while also providing a platform for institutional investors to carry out large-scale trades.

Recognizing the growing preference among investors for a shared online order book, Cross Trade has implemented this feature, facilitating direct and quick trading experiences between investors.

Why choose Cross Trade?

  • Directly buy and sell S&P 500 stocks anytime, including weekends and holidays.
  • Trade directly without intermediaries, eliminating additional fees by reducing the need for market makers.
  • Global access to a dedicated participating broker tailored to investors’ regional needs.


  • A diverse range of trading options
  • Open and prompt trading experience featuring a shared order book among online investors

Jonathan Bloch, Founder and CEO of EDI, said: “EDI is pleased to be working with Cross Trade to provide an innovative trading system that allows 24×7 trading. Traders will no longer have to watch the clock to make a trade. Liquidity will increase and traders will be able to react immediately to political and economic events”

Larry Bolton, CEO of Cross Trade, commented: “Investors trading with other Investors with no middleman “It’s about time”. Information doesn’t stop just because it’s the weekend nor should trading stocks based on that information. Opening a web-based trading platform enables investors the world over to conduct transactions during the off hours. Having a retail trading platform levels the playing field for many investors who work during the week.”

Exchanges are invited to partner with Cross Trade, facilitating weekend trading opportunities for their investors and public companies.

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