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EuroMTS to launch Reference Data Online in collaboration with EDI

Bond trading platform EuroMTS has teamed up with data vendor Exchange Data International to launch a government bond reference data online service.

London, September 30th, 2008, EuroMTS, the leading market in Europe for the trading of fixed income securities, today launched an online Reference Data offering.

In collaboration with Exchange Data International (EDI),MTS Reference Data will provide descriptive, non-real-time information relating to all bonds listed on the MTS Markets. The data is sourced directly from EuroMTS and is complemented by data from EDI’s fixed income database.

Rafah Hanna, Head of MTS Data said: “Through extensive customer consultation, and in response to the current economic climate, this new offering from EuroMTS will deliver the benefits of golden-source reference data online for the first time.

“This will enable our customers to fulfil a critical back-office requirement that until now has been missing in the marketplace, by enabling end-users to access one website for all reference data relating to bonds listed on all MTS Markets.”

Jonathan Bloch, CEO of EDI said: “We are excited about this collaboration with EuroMTS which builds on our existing strength and addresses a gap in the market. We see the government bond market going from strength to strength.”

Distributed via MTS Reference Data, the data is provided through highly configurable search functions and the results are available for download. Additional functionality includes allowing users to predefine the list of bonds they are interested in and emails alerting users when changes occur in the data relating to these bonds.

The data covers more than 1,000 government bonds in 23 markets and includes details relating to MTS Market, bond types, issuer, coupon, maturity. Also available via the website are the MTS Reference Prices, the official open and close prices calculated by MTS each day.
Historical data of both MTS Reference Data and MTS Reference Prices are also available for download.