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Exchange Data International and SimCorp build a partnership to offer ISO 15022 Corporate Actions

London// August 22, 2023 – Today, Exchange Data International (EDI), a prominent financial and economic data provider, and SimCorp, a leading SaaS (Software as a Service) investment management solutions provider, announced they are building a partnership to offer corporate actions data to their clients.

The integration of EDI’s Worldwide Corporate Actions Service within SimCorp’s integrated front-to-back investment management platform will offer clients access to comprehensive information on all corporate actions events affecting global equities from over 150 exchanges worldwide, as well as, data for 31,000+ US Mutual Funds.

This data will be delivered using the ISO 15022 format, the established standard securities messaging in transactions between financial institutions, ensuring a smooth and seamless data integration process.

SimCorp has over 50 years of expertise within investment accounting across multiple asset classes and jurisdictions providing a strong global industry presence underpinned by local expertise.

Jonathan Bloch, CEO at EDIJonathan Bloch, EDI CEO, comments: “We are pleased to be able to provide our corporate action data which has won many awards through SimCorp. As it is in an ISO 15022 format, there are no integration costs for the clients. SimCorp’s clients will now have access to four feeds a day increasing to seven by the end of the third quarter. By taking these feeds, SimCorp’s clients will be able to supplement and verify their custodian feeds, thus giving them certainty and accuracy.”

Anders Kirkeby Head of Open Innovation at SimCorp Anders Kirkeby, Head of Open Innovation at SimCorp, comments:
“SimCorp is committed to providing our customers choice through our Open Platform program and welcomes Exchange Data International (EDI) as our latest partner. Timely and complete Corporate Actions Data are fundamentally important to investment firms.  SimCorp integrates this data throughout the investment management process to provide reliable outcomes for our customers. We are delighted to be able to offer EDI as a “pre-integrated” source.”

To learn more about the Worldwide Corporate Actions Service, visit EDI’s website here or get in touch with our team via [email protected] to get a free trial.


About Exchange Data International

Exchange Data International (EDI) helps the global financial and investment community make informed decisions by providing fast, accurate, timely and affordable data reference services. EDI’s extensive content database includes worldwide equity and fixed income corporate actions, dividends, static reference data, closing prices and shares outstanding, delivered via data feeds or the Internet. The firm covers all major markets and has recently expanded its data coverage to include Economic Data.

EDI’s professional sales, support, and data/research teams deliver the lowest cost of ownership whilst at the same time being the most responsive to client requests. EDI has achieved internationally recognized quality and security certifications ISO 9001 and ISO 27001.

Headquartered in the United Kingdom, we have staff in Canada, Germany, India, Morocco, South Africa and the United States.

About SimCorp

SimCorp offers industry-leading, integrated investment management solutions.

Our platform and ecosystem, comprising partners, services, and third-party connectivity empowers us to provide 40% of the world’s top 100 financial companies with the efficiency and flexibility needed to succeed.

With over 25 offices around the world, and more than 2,450 employees, we are a truly global, collaborative team that connects every continent and industry seamlessly.

For more information, see www.simcorp.com