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Guest Podcast: Disrupting Exchange Data Internationally

IPO-VID Livestream Podcast with Patrick L Young

About the Episode

In 1994, Jonathan Bloch founded Exchange Data International (EDI) a London-based financial data provider. EDI now has over 400 clients across three continents and is based in the UK, USA, India and Morocco employing 500 people.

Jonathan has two law degrees, and as part of his LLM at the London School of Economics, he studied “Monopolies, Competition and the Law”. He is probably the only data vendor with this speciality under his belt, and this has given EDI the confidence to be a disruptive force in the industry.

About Patrick L Young

For many years the acronym IPO has also stood for “In Patrick’s Opinion” – that’s me, Patrick L Young Executive Director of Valereum, long time derivatives trader, serial entrepreneur, and fintech pioneer. IPO columns have appeared in various business and financial periodicals while I publish the newsletter of the bourse business “Exchange Invest.”

Join Patrick L Young as he interviews key figures in financial markets on this podcast derived from our weekly LiveStream.