Clarity AI

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Clarity AI empowers you to efficiently and confidentially assess, analyze and report on anything valuable to your client and everything required by regulation, related to sustainability.

Clarity AI was founded in 2017 and has grown to be a globally recognized and awarded sustainability tech platform.

Their mission is to bring societal impact to markets by allowing anyone to find a new way forward to a more sustainable world by creating the opportunity to pause, reflect, check, and ensure that dollars are aligned with intended purposes. To do this, Clarity AI provides broader coverage and deeper, more transparent and granular data than any other sustainability tech platform.

Clarity AI advocates that sustainability must be seen as relating to more than just the environment. The impact goes beyond the planet, it must relate to the people living there as well. Clarity AI allows us to work towards a more sustainable future in a clearer, more structured way, and to track and measure progress.

The tracking and measuring of progress is a complex, multidimensional, cross-border task. Clarity AI believes that using the power of technology is the most effective way to produce a viable solution that is wholly scientific and evidence-based.

Clarity AI:

  • Has powerful, scalable AI at the core of their product that analyzes over 2 million data points bi-weekly, performs reliability checks and runs estimation models at scale.
  • Provides the broadest data coverage in the market with 70,000+ companies, 430,000+ funds, and 400 national and subnational governments. The data is reliable, transparent, and unique.
  • Creates scientific and evidence-based methodologies.
  • Provides an easy-to-use fully customizable sustainability tech kit.

Clarity AI is committed to illuminating a path to a more sustainable world. Their team, made up of experts across sustainability, ESG and tech, makes a positive, sustainable impact by leveraging expertise and technology.

Country: United States

Sector: FinTech

Sub-sector: Sustainability

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