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Xcitek Offers EDI Data via Xcitek.com

Exchange Data International to sell their data on a pay-as-you-go basis via Xcitek.com

London, April 23rd, 2002, Xcitek and Exchange Data International (EDI) are pleased to announce the launch of Exchange Data’s worldwide dividend service on the Xcitek.com service. This service allows users to pay only for the dividends that they inquire about, obviating the need for expensive annual subscriptions.
The Worldwide Dividend feed, developed by EDI’s in-house team, allows securities professional to have easy access to a comprehensive list of dividend information, including Ex-Dividend, Record and Pay-dates, Dividend Amount, Gross and Net Tax Rates. As the information is sourced directly from over 95 exchanges, EDI’s new service aims to provide accurate and timely global dividend data.

Xcitek also offers a Portfolio Tracking Service, which allows the user to upload a Portfolio using Sedol™ or ISIN and have a detailed Dividend report emailed to their desktop based upon the securities held within the portfolio.

Users can inquire on-line by daily announcements, five-day calendar, issuer, SEDOL™, ISIN and announcement. Users have maximum freedom when using the system and can change passwords, add new users, update users while at any time viewing their billing summary.

Jonathan Bloch, Managing Director of Exchange Data International said “this is the first time that we have made our data available by means of “pay-as-you-go” and we are very happy working with Xcitek in doing so.”

Brendan P. Farrell, Jr., Managing Director of Xcitek said “partnering Xcitek’s state of the art technology solutions with such a high quality data provider as Exchange Data International enables us to further realize our goal of being the premier provider of securities operations data and automated processing solutions to the Financial Industry. We are delighted to welcome EDI as an Xcitek partner”.