Woodseer Dividend Forecasting






Estimate income and evaluate stocks and ETFs based on accurate two year forward dividend forecasts across 32k+ securities globally.
Use our forward dividend prediction data feed to obtain up-to-date information on the dates and payments of thousands of securities across 5000+ indices / 100+ countries.
Our single stock and ETF dividend forecast data elements include:

  • Predicted ex, record and pay dates
  • Amount and currency
  • Dividend type / frequency

Unique Dividend Forecast Data Methodology

In these times of accelerating change our tech-driven approach gives us a powerful and disruptive edge over the older, more traditional forecasting methodologies.

Working from EDI’s global corporate actions database (dating back to 2012) our dividend projections are based on a combination of stated dividend policies and predictable patterns. The estimate data is generated by a dedicated London team working with our proprietary algorithm and enhanced with manual analyst input where required.

This algorithm+analyst approach gives estimates with both huge scale and strong accuracy – our forward-looking data runs two full fiscal years ahead for well over 32,000 securities including equity, ADR and ETF future projections.

Our Woodseer single stock forecast data-set went live in January 2017, and the ETF dividend forecast product launched in July 2019 with detailed forward projections (dates and amounts) for over 1400 ETFs including 700+ US-listed. Working closely with a specialist ETF data provider we combine their compositional ETF data with our own underlying security estimates to produce accurate ‘bottom-up’ forecasts.

Clients include asset managers and custodians, index providers, options market makers, hedge funds, single stock and index traders.

Data Delivery

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Sample future dividend data

To receive a link for reviewing an up-to-date sample of the Woodseer future dividend prediction data, please visit their website.


The Woodseer dividend forecasting data-set is a partnership between EDI and London-based Fintech startup Investment Tools Ltd since 2016