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EDI is a leading provider of global reference data.

Accurate reference data is essential for smooth operations. EDI provides a wide range of global reference data across different asset classes with an extensive set of attributes.

Can EDI do better than your current provider? Maybe it’s time to find out.
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A wide range of reference data sets, customized for you.

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Securities Reference File

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Global Market and Public Holidays

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Derivatives Reference Data

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Document Retrieval Service

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US Equities Historical Reference Services

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Municipal Bond Reference Data

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Data you need. Value you deserve.

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Flexible licensing

Perpetual ownership rights
mean you own your data.
Use it. Never lose it.

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Quality Data

Checked and validated.
We stand by our data so you can create solutions around it with confidence.

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Wide Content Coverage

700 market sources.
35 languages.
Millions of data points.

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Competitive Pricing

Customized data sets let you
pay for what you need,
not what you don’t.

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Doing market data differently.

EDI has served the financial industry around the world since 1994. EDI’s team of 500 people delivers quality data at scale: 700 sources, 35 languages, 25 million corporate actions every year.

At EDI, agreements are specific to each client. That means you buy the data you need – and no more. To learn how you can try our data at no cost, contact us now.
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Who owns the market data I pay for?

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Founder Jonathan Bloch explains EDI’s quality assurance measures and addresses 4 more transition concerns in our video series, “5 questions to help you choose your next data provider.”
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Awards and Accomplishments


Awarded ‘Best Corporate Actions Solution’’ by the Data Management Insight Awards 2021 today.
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Awarded ‘Best Corporate Actions Data Provider’ by the Data Management Insight Awards 2022.
Data Management Insight Awards - 2021 - EDI won Corporate Actions Data Provider
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ISO 9001 certifcation
ISO 27001 certification
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