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Worldwide Shares Outstanding data (WSO)

Calculate share stakes, regulatory reporting levels & capitalisation figures

Use our worldwide shares outstanding data service to help you to monitor:

  • Name and code changes
  • New issues
  • Sector trends

Easily access accurate, global shares outstanding data to conduct comprehensive country-by-country analysis.

Know that the shares outstanding data service covers all major listed securities.

The data is sourced:

  • Directly from the stock exchange, on which the security is listed
  • The regulatory authority
  • Company sources

Subscribe to a shares outstanding data feed to get access to outstanding figures for the following security types:

  • Equity shares
  • Preference shares
  • ETFs (US)
  • Stapled securities
  • Depository receipts

Get more accurate projections with a daily-adjusted shares outstanding data feed.

The frequency at which official figures are updated can be variable from daily to annual, but corporate actions can happen in between and have a significant impact on share outstanding figures.

Shares outstanding figures are adjusted to reflect events including:

  • Bonus
  • Bonus Rights
  • Buyback
  • Capital Reduction
  • Consolidation
  • Conversion
  • Demerger
  • Divestment
  • Entitlement
  • Redemption
  • Rights
  • Sub-division

Figures are then revert once official figures are published.

Have shares outstanding data delivered to you simply

Choose to receive shares outstanding data either by our online portal or via a daily feed through an FTP connection.

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