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EDI provides Evaluated Pricing for the entire Canadian Fixed Income market.

Canadian Fixed Income Securities

EDI uses proprietary Evaluated Pricing methodologies, based on the most recent market information, to compute Evaluated Prices and Analytics for Canadian fixed income securities issued by:

  • Governments
  • Canadian provinces
  • Municipals
  • Corporates
  • Government agencies or crown corporations (e.g. CMHC, Hydro-Quebec)


Using a comprehensive database of terms and conditions, Evaluated Prices and Analytics are computed for a large range of fixed income securities, including securities with the following characteristics:

  • Floating Coupon Rate
  • Fixed-Floating Coupon Rate
  • Step-Up / Step-Down Coupon
  • Zero-Coupon
  • Strip (Principal Strip / Coupon Strip)
  • Callable / Puttable
  • Inflation-linked (“Real-Return Bonds”)

Robust and transparent pricing methodology

Multiple sources, including trading desks of major investment dealers and banks, are employed to gather market information on fixed income securities and this approach has several benefits:

  • Experts lend great insight and keep us informed of the latest market developments
  • Using many different sources gives us the ability to filter out source biases
  • Technical factors affecting delivery of information from any one source can never affect our ability to deliver timely evaluated prices to our clients


Challenge process

Challenges are the process by which clients can verify the valuation of any security on a given date. We believe that this process is a great opportunity to explain our pricing methodology to our clients as well as an opportunity to improve our evaluated pricing process.

Dynamic portfolios

Clients are able to add new fixed income securities to their portfolio, at their convenience. New securities go through a rigorous research process in order to gather full knowledge of all terms and conditions and related market information before delivering an Evaluated Price inside a 24-hour window.


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